XFX Radeon R7 240 Graphics Card (2GB, GDDR3)

  • Price : £39.99
  • Model No : R7-240D-CLF2
  • Manufacturer: XFX
  • MPN: R7-240D-CLF2
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Title: XFX Radeon R7 240 Graphics Card (2GB, GDDR3)
Binding: Accessory
Department: Default Category
Manufacturer: XFX
Model: R7-240D-CLF2
MPN: R7-240D-CLF2
Part Number: R7-240D-CLF2
Product Group: Personal Computer
Low Profile Bracket Included. 320 Stream Processors. 2GB DDR3 1300MHz Memory. 600MHz GPU Clock. VGA, DVI & HDMI Outputs

The AMD Radeon R7 250/240 GPUs are packed with incredible features and unprecedented performance. Equipped with the latest technologies, such as PCI Express 3.0, AMD PowerTune technology, the incredibly efficient AMD ZeroCore Power technology, and AMD App Acceleration - enhanced performance to accelerate your game and multimedia applications - why settle for anything less. Fully supported Microsoft DirectX 11.2, with 4x faster tessellation rendering and massive virtual texture dynamic loading for more intense performance over earlier products. 2nd generation GCN Architecture for AMD's unified graphics processing and compute cores that allows them to achieve higher utilization for improved performance and efficiency.

Main Features

  • 9th generation programmable hardware tessellation unit
  • 6 Compute Units (384 Stream Processors)
  • 24 Texture Units
  • 32 Z/Stencil ROP Units
  • 8 Color ROP Units
  • 256KB L2 read/write cache
  • 128-bit GDDR5/DDR3 memory interface
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